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Book reviewers needed


Are you a book reviewer who is looking for some new and interesting books to review? Do you like gemstones and jewellery?  Do you have a great sense of adventure and love to travel?  Want to form a mutually beneficial collaboration with Gemstone Detective?  Yes?  Then please read on…

This is a big shout out to all the book reviewers out there!  I am the author of Gemstone Detective: a unique and niche book series about Buying Gemstones & Jewellery in popular tourist destinations including Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, India, the USA and with many more to follow.

Book reviewers needed |

Each book is a handy pocket-sized paperback of approximately 160 pages, with Sri Lanka and Thailand slightly shorter than the rest of the series. Published by Filament Publishing, there are currently 6 books available in all major bookstores online in every country around the world.

I am reaching out to book reviewers with whom I can collaborate to provide the Gemstone Detective book series with reviews for book marketing and promotion, social media and my public appearances.  I would especially like to connect with you if you are on Goodreads.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has reviewed the books in my Gemstone Detective series so far.  I can honestly say that nothing makes such a difference to an author as having a ton of reviews for all to see.  The more reviews a book has, the more visible it will be, and I want to spread my consumer protection message to as many people as possible!

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The next book in the series to be published on 24 September, 2019

Please do get in touch for a copy of the book/s if you are able to offer an honest, authentic and reliable book review.  Email:

Kim Rix GG (GIA)

Gemstone Detective

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Reader review Sri Lanka


I am delighted to have received yet another Netgalley reader review for Buying Gemstones & Jewellery in Sri Lanka. Thank you to the reviewer for your kind support! It is appreciated.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Full Text:
The Gemstone Detective is the nom de plume of Kim Rix, and this instalment of Buying Gemstones and Jewellery is aimed at tourists who are travelling to Sri Lanka. This colourful and informative 100 page book was released 4th October 2018 by Filament publishing and is available in paperback and ebook formats.

For a relatively short book, it covers the basics of sourcing and buying gemstones and jewellery in Sri Lanka. The author describes the methods and basic etiquette involved to hopefully help the tourist buyer avoid the worst and most costly pitfalls.

The layout follows a logical progression. It begins with background and definitions. It covers what corundum (ruby/sapphire) is, a very little bit about Mohs hardness scale, along with some mineral terms like asterism and chatoyancy. Defined terms are in bold typeface and are written for the layman. There’s a fair bit of fun factoid information included like famous sapphires in history and crystal ‘meanings’. There’s not too much non-scientific crystal trivia included. I would estimate the filler info (crystal ‘meanings’ and supposed properties) takes up less than 5% of the total content.

The next chapters include a very rough description of valuation and the attributes which make a stone more (or less) valuable. The options for sourcing and buying gemstones, both rough and cut stones as well as finished jewellery are written clearly and in terms that the average layman can understand. This book is aimed firmly at the layperson. This is not an instruction manual for buying professionally or breaking into the gem trade on a wholesale level.

The discussion on treatments and enhancements for stones is worth the price of the book, honestly. (And not just for tourists to Sri Lanka! This info is good for -anyone- considering a stone purchase).

Reader review |

Although the guide is slanted mostly toward the sapphire buyer, many of the Sri Lankan gemstones are included in shorter descriptions (moonstone, beryl, chrysoberyl including Alexandrite, some quartz (amethyst), and a few others). I liked it very much that the author mentions in several different places that it’s easy for the unwary to get carried away and be sold iolite as sapphire (it’s emphatically not the same thing).

There is a fair bit of repetition in the chapters, but that could be intentional; to help the tourist who intends to read the salient bits which apply to their situation instead of reading it from cover to cover like a novel (or like an average reviewer 😉 ).

I worked as a metal artist, goldsmith, and certified gemologist for over 16 years and I actually did learn some things from this book. The text is also peppered with a large number of internet links which provide a good reference for the buyer.

Four stars. If it saves just one person from the heartache of being cheated it’s well worth it.

Thank you once again for this reader review from Netgalley. To get your copy of the Sri Lanka book, visit the Gemstone Detective web site at Just ask if you would like it signed!

Kim Rix

Gemstone Detective

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Book review – Thailand


I am absolutely delighted to have received this five star book review of Buying Gemstones & Jewellery in Thailand via

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Full Text:
Looking at the map, the tea leaves predict that Thailand may be in the planning for a future visit. With a particular interest in acquiring gemstones and jewellery, this pocket guide would certainly come in handy. The material contained in this tutorial was well-written and organized in an orderly fashion. 

For an initial understanding, the author began the dialogue by classifying gemstones from precious to semi-precious. The narrative went on to define the origin and mineral composition of where many of the gemstones are found. With some mineral locations drying up, Thailand is known to import many for its steady trade. It’s a huge business. 

Many pictures highlight the journey of gemstones through people, places and the many brilliant gems. However, a word of caution is needed when visiting Thailand with the intention of deciding to make a purchase of a gemstone. It comes highly recommended to make any and all gem purchases from a reputable dealer at an actual brick-and-mortar location. 

On a closing word, there’s an important point to consider that appears throughout the book. Hucksters with clever scams are plentiful and claim themselves to be experts within the field of gemmology. With countless fraudsters abound, their sole intent is to part the unknowing tourist from their hard-earned cash. Have fun but remember one thing – buyer beware.

I extend my gratitude to NetGalley and Filament Publishing for this ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.

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I am exceptionally grateful to those readers who have taken the time to write a book review, either on or Netgalley. It is extremely helpful and important for any author to have this ‘social proof’ to help influence other potential readers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.

Kim Rix, GG GIA

Gemstone Detective

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