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Gemstone Sourcing

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I’ll find you a rare and ethical gemstone. To discuss gem sourcing, phone Kim Rix on 0208 989 4886.


Finding the perfect sparkling stones can be tough, but our gemstone sourcing services make things easier. Individuals are always looking for rare and unique precious stones for their collections or to make stunning jewellery. However, sourcing can be complicated and time consuming. Finding reliable and ethical vendors can be a challenge. Striking the right price and ensuring it's a win for everyone, is another. That said, I’m here and happy to help.As a gemmologist and author of The Gemstone Detective series, I understand the trade in-depth. In my endeavour to provide insightful content, I have travelled across the globe to gather information. It was a privilege to dive deeper into the world of gemstones and their trade. Each country had its own way of conducting business which outsiders are not privy to. It can get confusing fast. Therefore, I’m passionate about spreading the wisdom I’ve received. As such, I utilised my journeys to uncover trustworthy gem dealers in various countries. Understanding the concerns of gemstone sourcing, I personally vetted each vendor. Moreover, my goal is to help you acquire the gemstones you need. I don't take a cut from the dealers for recommendations or purchases. Instead, the aim is to provide you with a safe and genuine trading experience.

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You can inquire about our gemstone sourcing services with a private consultation. I’ll personally get in touch to advise you regarding the gem of your choice and your options. Additionally, I can personally travel overseas to conduct the sale in person and ensure the gemstone meets your requirements, while also making sure they are mined legitimately and ethically. With my knowledge, understanding and experience, I can confidently help you get the gems you need. All you have to do is get in touch.You can call 020 8989 4886 to make an appointment.