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Gemstones in Australia Photos


Australia is not only known for its remarkable natural beauty, but also for its abundance of minerals and gemstones that are found in the ocean and under the ground. Some of the most common gemstones in Australia are opals, sapphires, jade, pearls and diamonds.

When you think of gemstones in Australia, opal will often come to mind and with more than ninety per cent of the worlds opals found in Australia, this is not surprising. There is a variety of opal that can be found in Australia such as boulder opal, matrix opal, black opal, crystal opal and white opal. Did you know that Opal is the official gemstone of Australia?

Gemstone Tours in Australia 

With Gemstone Detective, you can join our escorted group tours where we discover beautiful gemstones in Australia. You will get the opportunity for hands-on learning while you absorb yourself into the local culture. We often visit the world-famous opal festivals including the Lightning Ridge Opal Festival where you will be able to enjoy the magnificent jewellery, purchase collectables at amazing deals and meet other gemstone enthusiasts.

Take a look at our photos from past tours. We have captured the spirit of gemstone festivals, visiting local mines, shopping at markets and exploring galleries in search of beautiful gemstones. Our groups have also had the incredible opportunity to see some of the wildlife indigenous to Australia. With Gemstone Detectives, you will have the chance to explore Australia in a safe and guided way. You will learn all there is to know about gemstones in Australia by leading and experienced gemmologist Kim Rix.

All of the Gemstone Detective tours include transportation, food, local trips and a friendly tour guide with local knowledge. If you would like to find out more about Gemstones in Australia and the tours we offer, take a look at our upcoming Gemstone Tours.