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Gemstones in Kashmir Photos


Kashmir is the northernmost geographical area of the Indian subcontinent. The valley of Kashmir is as rich with history and governmental controversy as it is with beauty and natural wonders. Kashmir is also known for its beautiful gemstones and jewellery design.

Kashmir Blue Sapphire is one of the most prestigious and highly regarded gemstones in Kashmir. The beautiful gemstone is the finest variety of sapphire, a highly rare and precious gem. Due to its ‘true’ blue colour and velvety texture, the Kashmir blue sapphire is highly sought after by serious investors and collectors around the world.

The precious stones were sourced from the Kashmir sapphire mines during the 18th century. Unfortunately due to excessive mining, by the 19th century, the mines were almost completely drained. Today they are so rare that they have an almost mythical reputation.

Gemstone Tours in Kashmir

Browse our gallery of beautiful pictures that were taken on one of our gemstone tours in Kashmir; capturing the vibrancy of the country and meeting the friendly locals and the breathtaking landscape. Enjoy pictures of the beautiful Old-style tribal jewellery that Kashmir is known for. Our photo gallery offers you a look at the hands-on educational adventures available with Gemstone Detective Tours

Our gemstone tours give you a unique opportunity to learn from our experienced gemmologist Kim Rix who will share her knowledge, experience and trusted contacts with you. Kim also captured these beautiful photographs from the gallery, capturing the beauty of the gemstones in Kashmir.

If you are interested in gemstones in Kashmir and are looking for a unique experience, gemstone tours could be for you. All our escorted tours include transportation, meals, locals trips and an English-speaking tour guide with plenty of local wisdom. Take a look at the upcoming gemstone tours to see all we have to offer at Gemstone Detective.