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Gemstones in Myanmar Photos


Myanmar, also known as Burma is an extraordinary and complex country in Southeast Asia. Known for its rich heritage and stunning landscape, Myanmar is also equally famous for its precious gemstones.

Gemstones in Myanmar are renowned around the world, especially rubies and sapphires predominately from the town of Mogok. The beautiful Mandalay region is also famously known as The Valley of Rubies. Home of the Pigeon Blood Ruby, one of the most sought-after colour variety of rubies on the planet.

90% of the worlds Rubies come from Myanmar and have been a key producer for centuries. The quality and beauty of gemstones in Myanmar were brought to the publics attention by Richard Burton in 1968. In search of the perfect ruby, Mr Burton finally came across the 8 carrot ruby he famously gifted to Elizabeth Taylor.

Myanmar is not only famous for its magnificent rubies but also is imperial jadeite. Mined mostly in the hills of Kachin Province in Northern Myanmar, Imperial Jadeite is an exquisite deep green colour and is a very rare and expensive gemstone.

Gemstone Tours in Myanmar 

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