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Gemstones in Thailand Photos


Thailand is a county rich in culture and beauty. The Southeast Asian country is blessed with glorious beaches as well as breathtaking forests, tropical jungles and striking mountains. Thailand is also very well known around the world for precious stone cutting. The country is renowned for many gemstones, in particular, ruby, sapphire and diamond.

Thailand is internationally renowned for its gold, however, gemstones in Thailand are also recognised for being beautiful and of very high quality. Thailand has also always been celebrated as one of the globe’s dominant jewellery and gemstones centres.

Magical looking red rubies were discovered in Chanthaburi a province in eastern Thailand, known for ruby and sapphire mining. These mystical rubies are also known as “Tab Tim Siam” or “Siamese Rubies”. The gemstones are highly sought after by jewel and gem enthusiasts around the world due to their incredible and supernatural looks.

Gemstone Tours in Thailand 

Discover the beautiful gemstones in Thailand through our collections of photos, taken by leading gemmologist and photographer Kim Rix. The gallery photos have been able to capture Thailands beauty and rich culture. Enjoy a glimpse of all the exciting and wonderful museums, and temples visited with Gemstone Detective Tours. On our tours, we have had the unique opportunity to observe and study jewellery makers at work as well as the traditional gemstone mines.

If you have a keen interest in gemstones in Thailand and are looking for an adventure, gemstone tours could be for you. All our escorted tours include transportation, food, locals trips and an English-speaking tour guide with local knowledge. You will also get the chance to learn from an expert gemmologist Kim Rix, who will share her vast knowledge with you throughout the tour. Take a look at the upcoming gemstone tours to see all we have to offer at Gemstone Detective.