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Gemstones in USA Photos


The USA is a country well worth a visit. With plenty to discover from breathtaking mountains to beautiful golden beaches. America offers some of the most iconic landmarks in the world. The USA is also very well known for its production of beautiful and colourful gemstones.

Much of the gemstones in the USA are sourced in the western regions – Colorado, Arizona and Nevada. Some other areas including North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas and even Maine are now becoming known their gemstones mines. The most commonly known gemstones sourced from the states are Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and Beryl stone. America is also the home of the very rare Red Beryle stone.

Turquoise is also a community used stone around the world, associated strongly with the Native American culture. This beautiful and bold colour gem is found mainly in Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico where there are a large number of small mines. Turquoise has always been a very popular stone in the fashion industry and is also considered to bring good luck in many cultures.

Gemstone Tours in The USA

Our beautiful gallery of photos allow you to discover the wonderful world of gemstones in the USA. We have been able to capture the essence of gemstone factories, and the fascinating process of jewellery making. The colourful culture and welcoming locals. We can also take a look at our tour groups getting hands-on experience diamond digging and enjoying mining tours.

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