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Virtual consultation rate: £60 per hour


Do you want to learn more about gemstones? Whether you’re a novice or expert in the world of gems, there’s so much to learn, discover and understand.

Whether you're an enthusiast, jeweller or expert, you're going to have some questions. For example, how do you get started? What tools will you need? What questions should you be asking? And, how to avoid scams? That’s where a gemstone consultant comes in.

In order to answer all your queries and concerns, you need an expert. As a GIA Graduate Gemmologist, I can assist you in matters concerning procuring and investing in gemstones. Likewise, I can also help distinguish between natural stones, synthetic counterparts and imitations. However, kindly note that valuations, astrology and geology are different fields of expertise. Therefore, they are not covered within our consultancy services. I’ll share my journeys and experiences to give first hand accounts on the subject.

Moreover, as someone who has followed her passion to provide insight to potential buyers worldwide, I offer real world information. I have authored a series of books on the subjects to help individuals all over the world.

As a gemstone consultant, I offer services to:

-Help find precious stones at the right price
-Facilitate in the buying and selling of stones
-Inform clients about the value of their gems
-Explain all the technical jargons, risks and safety measures needed

Evaluate your investment in a neutral and independent manner with a gemstone consultant who has your best interest.
In case you need advice or guidance, I’m happy to answer your questions with a virtual consultation. Contact me through phone, WhatsApp, Internet or Skype.

Additionally, private consultations at a place of your choosing are also available.
Contact us online or phone 020 8989 4886 to make an appointment.
We look forward to speaking with you.

My name is Cassio Lacerda. I’m from Brazil, married, 41 years old and I work in IT with software.

In 2019 I started learning about gemstones. They are so beautiful, and I love the shine of stones. Gemstones have become my new passion.  I have read two books written by Kim Rix from the Gemstone Detective series. I feel like a detective discovering this new passion I really love. 

In November 2019, I had a private consultation with Kim Rix. She’s an amazing person, very kind, polite and so knowledgeable. She understood my desire to learn about the field; I am interested in buying gemstones as a long-term investment or to become a gem trader. 

During this one hour phone consultation, I was able to get a lot of new ideas and focus in my mind.

Thanks, Kim, for your time and for sharing this kind of wisdom with us learners.

 I look forward to travelling with you around the world to learn more, more and more.

Thank you!

Cássio Lacerda

Five star review