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Gemstone Talks

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Gemstone Talks by Kim Rix.

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Are you looking for a gemstone public speaker to make your next event into a stunning success?

As a renowned and experienced Gemmologist, Kim Rix inspired thousands to dive deeper into the world of gemstones. Kim combined her love of precious stones, travelling and photography to follow her passion.  All the while spreading the insight she learnt along the way. She authored The Gemstone Detective, a series of gemstone books for collectors and enthusiasts. With glowing reviews, she captured a dedicated community which only grows larger.

When you hire Kim for your conference, company or social event, you don’t get a dull or canned presentation. Instead, her gemstone talks are directly from her heart and experience. They aim to entertain and educate your audience in order to achieve your desired outcomes. As a gemstone public speaker, she intrigues attendees with tales of her solo-travels—with all the fascinating and often humorous details. Additionally, for her gemstone talks, she takes a moment to provide tips on how to avoid common gem scams.

Kim makes the audience feel they were right there with her. Whether that be down a sapphire mine in Sri-Lanka or avoiding kangaroos in Australia, it’s guaranteed to amuse. She connects with her audience to deliver an effective and evocative talk that will remain in their memories.

Kim’s gemstone talks relate to:


  • buying diamonds, birthstones by month,
  • Kim’s personal travelogues and experiences,
  • life as an author, solo traveller and/or photographer,
  • buying gemstones in any country (covered within Gemstone Detective series).

As a premier gemstone public speaker and leading authority, Kim provides the audience with empowering tools to overcome their obstacles. She inspires them to go beyond their perceived limitations. With her charm, humour and charisma, your audience will come out feeling dazzled and ready to unleash their own success.

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