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Gemstone Detective: Buying Gemstones & Jewellery Worldwide

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Prepare to shop for gemstones and jewellery on your next holiday

Going on holiday and fancy buying a piece of jewellery? Are you planning on making a romantic gesture, but your lack of knowledge makes you uneasy about parting with your hard-earned cash?

What should you look out for? How do you know it’s real? How do you bring it home safely?

This handy little guide answers these questions and many more. It’s an easy read without any gem jargon, and is packed with useful tips and priceless information that could save you a fortune!

Whether you are shopping for an engagement ring or special anniversary gift, or perhaps for a souvenir of your trip, Buying Gemstones and Jewellery Worldwide will guide you through the experience. An integral part of the ‘Gemstone Detective’ series, this unique book provides the essential knowledge you need to buy with confidence.

Written by Kim Rix, a gemmologist (GIA) and professional photographer who has travelled to over fifty countries in her lifetime.

4 reviews for Gemstone Detective: Buying Gemstones & Jewellery Worldwide

  1. Lauriane Pinsault (verified owner)

    A small book, easy to read and to travel with. Lots of information for beginners in gemmology.

  2. Lee Farida (verified owner)

    I wish i have this book 10 years ago before i travel to Colombo, Srilanka. The book is easy to read and contains key information for a newbie to know before they buy anything in the tourist location. I probably can save more money if i have this book 10 years ago although the prices at that point in time maybe low enough vs now, esp for sapphire. Thanks again for writing the book and will look forward to buy the next book related to Myanmar/Mogok.

  3. Debbie A (verified owner)

    Easy to navigate and full of useful information, hints and tips. This is a practical travel guide for those starting out in Gemology and wanting to be sure they take precautions when making purchases. The buying your gemstone and misleading names sections are particularly helpful. If you are hoping to purchase a gemstone in a certain place, I would recommend the guide for that particular country as well.

  4. Sinead (verified owner)

    I recently found out about Kim’s books and thought they were such a wonderful idea.

    I lived overseas in Asia for several years and bought many gemstones during my time living there. I am a jeweller and also a Gemmologist which helped me when buying, but this book would have been essential! I would recommend it to anyone especially if they are living overseas in a gem producing area. All of the advice and tips that are in this book is sensible, practical and give you the tools and confidence to buy a beautiful souvenir for your travels.

    This book is great for anyone interesting in learning more about jewellery and gemstones, not just people travelling overseas. The information provided in the book helps you to explain what you want to sellers. It is easy to read and understand, easy to dip in and out of too.

    I especially love the sections on scams, I have seen so many of these!

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