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Gemstone Detective: Buying Gemstones and Jewellery in Australia

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Learn the tricks of the trade from leading travel and gemmology expert Kim Rix…

This handy tourist guide is the must-have item to pack into your suitcase if you’re planning a trip to Australia. Known as ‘the land Down Under’, Australia is renowned for its exquisite gemstones and jewellery; notably, Black Opals, Sapphires and Pink Diamonds.

An integral part of the ‘Gemstone Detective’ series, written by Kim Rix, a gemmologist (GIA) and professional photographer who has travelled to more than 50 countries, this book gives you sufficient knowledge to ensure that you bring home the real deal - not a fake!

“Where’s the best place to buy?” and “What do I look for?” are the two most commonly asked questions. This invaluable handbook answers those questions and many more based on first-hand, up-to-date research. Whether you are shopping for an engagement ring or special anniversary gift, or perhaps for a memento of your trip, Buying Gemstones and Jewellery in Australia will hold your hand through the experience leaving you feeling happy and proud of your new purchase.

Kim Rix is dedicated to visiting each country in the ‘Gemstone Detective’ series to provide readers with up-to-date and trusted information. Her aim is to help travellers avoid the cons, tricks and disappointments of a bad buying decision. Without this book, you could make a very expensive mistake!

2 reviews for Gemstone Detective: Buying Gemstones and Jewellery in Australia

  1. Lourraine Coulton

    Buying gemstones and jewellery in Australia is a great handbook for the novice and general public as a guide to tour the opal and gemstone fields with this available knowledge.

  2. Gerry Yakoumelos (verified owner)

    An excellent little book that cuts through all the fluff one might hear when buying gemstones and jewelry in Australia. Goes into detail on the main gems of opals and sapphires. A must-have for the gemstone and jewelry lover.

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