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Gemstones are an investment. Few understand that better than Kim Rix, a certified gemmologist, who has a passion for all things gem-related. After graduating from the Gemological Institute of America, her enthusiasm compelled her to travel across the globe to expand her knowledge. Kim authored her renowned series, The Gemstone Detective; basing it on her insights and experiences she gained along the way. And, now, she provides expert gemstone services for all who need it.

If you have any questions regarding precious stones, Kim can get you the answers. Her acclaim garnered her an extensive community of gemstone enthusiasts, traders and experts.

Looking for the perfect stone or do you simply want to increase your knowledge? Our gemstone services are sure to deliver. Kim can be your personal shopper to help you purchase the perfect gemstone for your needs. Whether it’s to help you shine or dazzle a loved one, her helping hand will guide you towards the correct decision.

In case you need an intermediary, she can cut through the jargon for you. Moreover, having an expert with you ensures you’re getting authentic, ethically sourced gemstones at the best deal possible.

Furthermore, you can have a chat with her regarding her expertise in gems, solo-traveling and photography. Her exciting career has inspired many to take interest in precious stones. Therefore, she uses her talks to provide wisdom and empower her audience. From light, humorous discussions to learning how to trade stones, she’ll provide real world insight few possess. Our main concern is providing customers with quality and reliable gemstone services that cater to their needs.

With her spirit guiding her, Kim has made it her mission to champion consumer education for the ethical gem trade. In summary, if you want honest and unbiased guidance, Kim can help!
Contact us online or phone 020 8989 4886 to make an appointment.

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